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Below are some of the column, window/door, pool and wall coping forms we use, installation photos are below.


     Pouring concrete into column form.                    Finished column.   



Wall-cap form 6" high.            Pool coping form 3" high.   Video of concrete pour.




  Installing form. Wood pool coping forms. Pouring concrete into forms. Wall-cap form 6" high.



Pool coping. Wood pool coping forms. Finished coping.Removing forms.


Hand finishing.Hand finishing.Finished steps.Finishing pool coping.


    Design mixes and compressive strength test results are Los angeles California cast stone, stone,  available upon request.


  1. Materials and equipment needed for proper installation
    White and grey cement,  acrylic mortar additive - different size masonry trowels - galvanized or stainless steel screws - lifelong waterproof caulking , with caulk gun - electric corded 3/8" drill with 1/8" bit - screwgun with Phillips head - #10x3-1/2" deck, galvanized or stainless steel screws - protective gloves, foot and eye protection - 2x5 gal buckets half full of clean water - sponges - spirit level -grout bag, cement mixer, wheelbarrow, shovels, buckets.


  1. Installing
    ( this information is for existing clients or prequalified installers only)




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We manufacture and install cast stone precast and cast stone precast products, we have worked with Los Angeles precast, Los Angeles corral columns, Los Angeles cast stone, Santa Barbara precast.

Our hand-finished, made in California the USA precast cast stone comes with a choice of 7 different textures and 12 different colors. on the color and texture pages there are examples of each, as well as a general written description. As they are all hand done, slight variations are to be expected.

Ventura cast stone, stone, malibu precast. and California cast stone or precast, Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills columns, Beverly Hills precast, Beverly Hills cast stone,.

In addition to supplying high-quality precast or cast stone products in California, we will also assist in design and installation, depending on the size and location of your project. If you’re interested in custom-designed pre cast stone accents,Los angeles, California precast, los angeles and California columns,

Concrete products can be used both indoors and outdoors. Malibu California columns.Their extreme durability and low cost make them the ideal choice for our fineline, santa barbara precast, long term outdoor use. Integral color can be achieved by adding iron oxide pigments to the concrete during manufacturing. Aristone offers 14 standard concrete design colors.

Concrete precast concrete or cast stone products columns in Los Angeles, California are heavy at 140+ pounds per cubic foot. All products must be offloaded and moved to their final location santa barbara columns, malibu stone, by hand or by forklift. Santa Barbara cast stone, santa barbara , california Structural concrete columns are typically set by crane.

Design mixes and compressive strength test results are Los angeles California cast stone, stone,  available upon request.