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Cast stone and precast concrete seminar

5-day Advanced Cast Stone and GFRC Precast Seminar    E-Mail (Click Envelope) Email Link

Join us at our cast stone and precast concrete seminar. 

Learn everything there is to know about manufacturing cast stone and glass fiber reinforced concrete at our precast seminar, from the conceptual drawings, to mold making, to mixing the raw materials, then hand laying or spray coating the material into molds. Learn these manufacturing techniques direct from our staff here at our plant.

Personally developed and led by Jerry Griffiths, the Advanced Cast Stone and GFRC Training is comprised of an intensive hands-on program as well as cast stone seminar modules on design.

Participants will learn the principles of good concrete design, the techniques to implement them, advanced mold-making, and the trade secrets of Ventura Cast Stone's many texture finishes.

Each team of participants will craft a personally designed profile from scratch; each design includes features and techniques discussed throughout the program.

This intensive, 5-day program is held at our 5,000 s.f. Fabrication Studio, Ventura Cast Stone working concrete shop. The advanced cast stone and GFRC training is conducted by professional instructors who possess real-world experience in the precast concrete business. Participants will learn complex mold-making and will complete an advanced-level cast stone and GFRC concrete program.

What will I learn in the Advanced Cast Stone and GFRC Training?

bulletLearn original design techniques and methods from our highly experienced staff.

At the center of this program, you'll gain the need-to-know, secrets and details for designing and crafting beautiful, high-end cast stone and GFRC precast profiles.

bulletLearn the fundamental principles of planning and design from Jerry Griffiths.

With a solid understanding of design, attendees will be prepared to transform concrete from the humble material of sidewalks and highways into high end columns, balusters, door-window trim, pool-wall coping and much more.

bulletLearn the secret art of Cast Stone and precast manufacturing.

Working with Jerry and his experienced instructors, attendees will learn the tips, techniques and methods that have made Ventura Cast Stone the unparalleled leader in Cast Stone concrete design, craftsmanship, and education.

bulletLearn to build an advanced-level, concrete profile from start to finish.

Working in small groups, you'll build a complex, concrete project under the guidance of our Instructors. All instructors possess extensive hands-on, professional experience in the design, fabrication, and marketing of Cast Stone and GFRC.

bulletLearn the trade secrets for creating our Cast Stone finish.

This high-end finish developed over 20 years ago has been the cornerstone of Ventura Cast Stone's success in the cast stone and precast concrete industry, without requiring any additional finishing after de-molding.

Who should take the Advanced Cast Stone and GFRC Training?

The 5-day advanced cast stone seminar is recommended for the concrete professional looking to expand his/her portfolio of skills and experience to confidently work in the high-end market and design community and start a business of their own.

Participants should know the fundamentals of making concrete or have attended our 1-day Concrete  Essentials Workshop. Back-to-back scheduling of the 1-day concrete workshop and 5-day advanced training are available. Please review the current workshop and training schedule below.

Spend the time with other professionals, like yourself, experienced in construction and who approach the training with a serious enthusiasm about expanding their skills and craftsmanship.




Investment includes
bullet5 full days of training at Ventura Cast Stone workshop in Ventura, CA
bullet7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily with a 1/2 hour break for lunch, actual class time is 5 hours with 3 hours of either talking with, or working with (optional) or observing moldmakers/product makers.
bulletSession limited to 10 participants to ensure hands-on learning + class participation.
bulletMaterials used during training such as forms, molds, mixes, + other supplies.
bulletPost-training technical support.
bulletAudio, video and still photography permitted.
bullet15% Savings on Concrete Project Materials and Suppliesówalk away ready to start your project.
bulletDisclosure of trade secrets.


During the course of the 5-day Advanced Cast Stone Seminar, we will reveal a number of "trade secrets," including how to achieve the Ventura Cast Stone textures.

Please contact Jerry Griffiths (805) 386-8185.







2-Day Professional Cast Stone and GFRC Training  Monday to Teusday of every week except the last week Dec and 1st week Jan Ventura, CA Available
1-day Concrete Essentials Workshop   Monday  of every week except the last week Dec and 1st week Jan Ventura, CA Available
1-Day Professional Mold-Making Workshop   Monday of every week except the last week Dec and 1st week Jan Ventura, CA Available
2-Day Installation Outdoor Applications Training   Monday of every week except the last week Dec and 1st week Jan Ventura, CA Available
5-day Advanced Cast Stone and GFRC   Monday to Friday of every week except the last week Dec and 1st week Jan Ventura, CA Available


1st Day:  The program starts with one 8 hour day of instructions and first hand experience of making molds.

2nd Day: You learn more about making molds and how to prepare molds for production.
3rd Day: You learn mix design, mix materials and procedures to make batches.

4th Day: You learn how to mix batches then fill and screed molds.

5th Day: You learn how to demold cast stone and GFRC parts and clean or sand wash them, if you still have time to spare you can recap on the previous lessons.
All 5 days lessons are 8 hours long, starting at 7:00 am to 3:00 PM with a 1/2 hour breakfast break at around 10:00 am.

We provide writing material and soft drinks, but don't supply lunch, however, there are many restaurants and stores in the immediate area.