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Cast stone and precast concrete installation.

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Cast Stone is a refined architectural concrete building unit manufactured to simulate natural cut stone, unfortunately the process of manufacturing cast stone does not allow for the metal or mechanical attachments or reinforcing, crucial for installation, therefore it is quite harder to install cast stone than it is to install precast concrete, which allows for insertion of attachments in the wet material.
Cast stone usually consists of crushed limestone, silica sands or other small aggregate, mixed semi dry with (usually) white cement and additives, then  hammered with special pneumatic rams, into specially reinforced molds.
This process transfers extreme pressure to the cast stone material and any alien object would cause cracking at the mold  or even fly out at great speed.
The best way to add reinforcing , galvanized brick tie attachment or stainless brackets or bolts, is to drill or cut slots at an angle in the back of the cast stone part.
The hole or slot in the cast stone is then filled with liquid exterior epoxy and the attachment is then placed into the hole and supported until the epoxy sets.
The procedure below is for a simple 6" wide window or door surround, with galvanized metal ties already epoxied int cast stone and showing at both ends (top and bottom, for right and left installation) of the cast stone molding.

Disclaimer: The following instructions for installing cast stone are suggestions only, they may not comply with your local, State or Federal codes.
Ventura Cast Stone is not responsible for installation failures or any problem associated with these instruction.
Also the instructions are only the bare simple procedures of installing cast stone, there are hundreds of tricks and secret methods to make the procedure easier and cleaner. Also common sense and your own safety is not covered in these instructions.
We strongly suggest using a experienced cast stone or precast installer, some masons are experienced, but installation of cast stone and masonry is completely different.

  1. Materials and equipment needed for proper installation of cast stone
    White thinset - acrylic mortar additive - different size masonry trowels - galvanized or stainless steel screws - lifelong waterproof caulking , with caulk gun - electric corded 3/8" drill gun with 1/8" masonry bit - screwgun with Phillips head - #10x3-1/2" deck, galvanized or stainless steel screws - protective gloves, foot and eye protection - 2x5 gal buckets hal full of clean water - sponges - spirit level -grout bag.
  2. When the cast stone part is ready to install, after dampening (not wetting) the wall and the back of the cast stone, then adjusting the galvanized metal brick tie, the installer (using a trowel of the correct size) pastes a thin skim of white acrylic modified thinset onto the receiving wall just where the cast stone is to be placed, then the back of the cast stone is pasted with a 1/4" thickness of the thinset keeping the thinset in the center and 1/2" away from the edges of the cast stone (do not let any thinset skim over).
    The stone is then placed against the wall thinset to thinset, pushing the stone and moving up and down to bond the two thinset coats.
  3. Be sure there are no wires, pipes or anything you don't want to make a hole into, where you will drill and insert screw behind the point where the hole in the galvanized tie hits the stucco. Plumb up front of cast stone with spirit level plumb side, check the side of the cast stone is in line with the door frame.
  4. The installer takes a (for regular framing and stucco wall) 3-1/2" galvanized (try to use all stainless attachments near beaches or areas of heavy precipitation), he then drills a 1/8" hole through the hole in the galvanized brick tie and through the stucco until hitting the wood framing (you will feel the drill speed change when it hits the framing, don't worry if you go into framing slightly, you will be waterproofing soon) he dips the screw into the end of a tube of lifelong waterproof caulk filling the threads with caulk, then screws the screw through the tie, stucco and into the wood framing, remove excess caulk with a damp rag. Then use the trowel edge to remove thinset from sides of cast stone to 1/4" deep, this leaves space for grout. Recheck with spirit level
  5. Clean cast stone thoroughly with damp sponge, turning sponge to use clean side each time, when sponge is dirty all around, dip into water bucket and wring old cement out, clean cast stone thoroughly again. Make sure thinset does not protrude from the sides of the cast stone, recheck cast stone for plumb and line of door frame. Always keep cleaning as you go
  6. Place 1/4" wood or plastic wedges on top of the first stone for joint spacing, add a small dab of thinset on top of the previous cast stone, do not touch spacers with thinset or they will be tough to remove the next day.
  7. Just repeat the procedure.
  8. Method of installing cast stone when there are no mechanical attachments
    The only difference to installing cast stone using the procedure above, is making your own attachment.
    Materials needed: same as above except, you will also need a 1/2" electric drill - 1/2" masonry bit - 3/16 galvanized or stainless lag bolts.
    Pick  2 places at the back of the cast stone (1/4 from top and bottom, and center of width, or according to where there is good framing, stud etc.
    Drill 2 holes  (if using a hammer drill, do not use the hammer, it may break cast stone) about 1/2 way through the cast stone molding.

More to come soon !!



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