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Our cast stone is made with crushed limestone sand and white cement , our precast and GFRC are made with quarry sand and regular cement, therefore there is a difference in color between the products.
First choose the product desired by going to our "Product" page (click here to go to product page)
Then come back to this page and click on the desired product link below to view colors available in that product line.


Description: Cast Stone     Fino (fine) Texture chip  (click to see colors available)  


Description: GFRC  (glass fiber reinforced concrete)  Precast Concrete "Old World" texture  (click to see colors available)


Description: Precast Concrete         Precast concrete Travertine texture chip  (click to see colors available)



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Our Cast stone and  precast concrete columns and products are molded, hand cast onsite as are our, precast columns, balusters and pool coping.
Many of our projects are in Santa Barbara including Santa Barbara sandstone look-alike columns, Palm Springs columns, Beverly Hills precast columns, Malibu columns and Orange County, California columns.
Cast stone and precast concrete installation projects are also regularly undertaken in Palm Springs, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica including precast concrete columns,  in Malibu, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. 
Each piece is carefully hand laid into special reinforced molds and hand finished after removal
Many of our recent projects are cast stone in Ventura County and precast columns in the City of Santa Monica, and precast columns in Beverly Hills California.
Our products consist of concrete Santa Barbara columns, architectural precast Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara stone balusters, sandstone designs and our own concrete design window/door trim, Los Angeles, California simulated stone columns, concrete balustrade, our own concrete design precast balusters. Also cast stone window & door trim, our own sandstone design and concrete pool coping, precast wall caps or concrete wall caps in the Malibu area.
We have many precast columns and sandstone designs of many kinds installed in the Los Angeles area, including precast in Malibu, Haddonstone, California precast, Adriatic precast, APS precast, napa stone,Studio Cast, CDI, ventura cast stone Beverly Hills precast columns and  Los Angeles precast columns.
We use a fineline with precast when making Santa Barbara precast products and Santa Barbara sandstone columns including Beverly Hills precast.

We have many colors and textures to choose from in our cast stone and precast concrete line.