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Monaco 8 & 6 10th St, Santa Monica, CA

Chinzano 11 entry trim

17th St, Santa Monica, CA

Altamura 7.5 sill & Monaco 6 window trim

23rd ST, Santa Monica, CA

Custom Arch

Monza 3.5 sill & Nova 6 (thick) trim

Custom Entry, San Diego, CA

Bellagio balusters

Bellagio balusters, New York, NY

Bellagio balusters

Custom Entry, Columbia, SC

Pilaster caps, Los Angeles, CA

Fountain, Concord, NH

10th St, Santa Monica, CA

29th St, Santa Monica, CA

Tigertail Dr, Brentwood, CA

Custom Entry, Tigertail Dr, Brentwood, CA

Patio Columns

Columns & Pool cap

Pesaro 12 pedestal & Martina balusters

Balusters, Moorpark, CA

Balusters, Moorpark, CA

Pesaro 12 pedestal & Martina balusters

Columns & balusters

Column & balusters

Balusters, Moorpark, CA

1/2 columns at poolhouse







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About Ventura Cast Stone

Cast stone

We at Ventura cast stone are pleased to introduce this lightweight cast stone or lightweight precast concrete if you will, into our line of precast concrete and cast stone. Because lightweight cast stone is made from fiberglass strand mixed with real limestone which gives it that stone look, it is suitable for fireplace mantle treatments.

Lightweight precast concrete
 Lightweight precast concrete is usually called GFRC or glass fiber reinforced concrete, and is manufactured by Ventura cast stone and installed in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Precast concrete usually weights 100 lbs per cubic foot.  Gfrc usually weights 10 lbs per lin foot.  Precast concrete is a lower end product and does not simulate limestone as does cast stone. Precast concrete resembles finished concrete and the surface looks like your garage floor. Cast stone resembles limestone or sandstone. Lightweight GFRC precast concrete is not a new product but has been used for years, but not in architectural uses.
Precast concrete
Precast concrete is usually used in lower end track homes where budget is a concern, cast stone is usually used in higher end homes where budget is not a major concern. The difference between cast stone and precast concrete is easily seen, and even the novice can appreciate the high quality limestone like finish on a cast stone product. Fireplace mantels or as some call them fireplace mantles look beautiful when constructed from cast stone. Cast stone fireplace mantels are used in any situation.  The fireplace mantels are both strong and fireproof. Fireplace mantels are a thing of beauty when made from cast stone or precast concrete. Fireplace mantels are also made from wood. Fireplace mantels or fireplace chimneys are the main feature in any room and a fireplace mantel made from cast stone or precast concrete is a sight to behold.

Cast stone by Ventura Cast Stone installed in California city's such as Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Ventura or Santa Barbara has to be mechanically fastened to the wood frame of a building usually with stainless steel or galvanized attachments, this because of earthquake codes.  There are many historical buildings in California with cast stone as part of their facade.  Cast stone in Los Angeles, Beverly hills, Bel Air, Ventura and Santa Barbara was at it's most popular in the 1900's.  In Santa Barbara, cast stone was used extensively in the downtown district and also in a primitive form at the Santa Barbara mission in the form of adobe, a mixture of mud and straw or horsehair mixed with water and hand shaped into molds.  Cast stone in the City of Ventura was used mainly on churches in the downtown area.  Cast stone in Los Angeles was used in many important buildings including the famous Los Angeles City hall.  In Santa Barbara cast stone and Santa Barbara stone were used in conjunction in many historical buildings.  Santa Barbara stone also called Santa Barbara sandstone, is found mainly in Santa Barbara county, is removed from the ground in loose form, the Santa Barbara stone is then cut and shaped by a stonemason into useable blocks.  Cast stone in Beverly Hills was used in the Beverly Hills City hall and is now used on many residential buildings.  We also supply and install granite and CDI precast caststone and concrete design product,  CDI columns, Sierra stone caststone columns and balustrade, California precast products, CDI precast, CDI precast granite moldings and stairs. We also supply and  install CDI precast granite concrete window and door trim, CDI GFRC columns, Sierra stone products, concrete design, full weight precast and granite or limestone products,  California precast columns, CDI precast pool coping, CDI precast or limestone moldings and CDI fireplace mantles.
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