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Concrete mold catalog and prices

Catalog of architectural precast concrete molds for manufacturing precast concrete, cast stone, GFRC or GRG moldings.

Start making money with precast concrete molds!

Add extra income and increase your bottom line. Concrete is inexpensive and using our molds you can create garden art and architectural features that can sell for high profit margins. Below are some suggestions for items depending on the type of business you are in or would like to begin.

Small Home Based Business or Addition to a Current Business

During the holiday gift giving season as well as throughout the year we have had customers who have sold finished concrete stepping stones, benches and bird baths at farmers markets, craft fairs and on consignment through gift shops, local garden centers even beauty salon's! Everyone is looking for ways to increase sales.

Ornamental Concrete Producers, Construction, Landscape Architects & Designers

Professionals who create their own molds often use ours to save costs and time. In fact some of our designs have come about because of requests from our customers. We like to know what types of molds you are looking for because we are adding to our line regularly.

















After viewing our catalog pages, choose the products you would like a quote for, fill out our quote request form, and we will fax you a quote in 3-5 days after we receive your request.


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Cast Stone

 Similar to natural stone but far less expensive, cast stone has proved to be an extremely attractive and popular material with architects and construction designers for walling and architectural dressings to all types of buildings - commercial, industrial and domestic housing.

The 'dry cast' stone method is a two part process, backed by concrete which is compressed behind the facing mix to give it more strength in terms of handle ability. It is generally not considered to be a structural material and is mechanically bonded, one compacted into the other.

The high quality 'wet cast' stone which the company produces is more durable and used in many of the major contracts the company undertakes, such as their current involvement in the construction of the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

Precast Concrete

The 'precast concrete' products cover a wide range of uses, several of them incorporated into the ten per cent of our business dedicated to the domestic market, including fencing posts, path edging, coping and pillar caps etc.

The Process

Ventura Cast Stone have developed a flexibility second to none. This enables them to go from wet or dry cast stone to concrete products for stadiums, through to fence posts, copings and pillar caps, with weight differential from twenty ton products down to a few pounds for domestic housing products. We are currently advertising standard cast stone dressing for the housing market.
Ventura Cast Stone is a small, modern company with lots of potential, which demands stringent quality levels and the ability to achieve and maintain certain standards, and its ability to resist moisture.

"We are very high on quality and operate a keen price structure.

 Our order book is full for the foreseeable future and we are obliged to operate a six day week. This faith in our broad customer base gives us an indication of the high quality levels we have been able to realize over the past fifteen years, and gives us a certain amount of satisfaction in the knowledge that we are giving our customers what they require.

The level of quality, both in our product and service, has led us from one successful contract to another - the high standard of our overall operation being the best advertising tool that we could wish for.

Our concrete molds are professionally hand made by experienced craftsmen and with the proper care will last for years.